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This is a letter written by Abhinav’s parents speaking as Abhinav

Dear Parkpoint teachers & friends,

I don’t quite remember the first time I walked into parkpoint. My mom told that I was very small (16 months) and she carried me to the class with tears in my eyes.  She gave me to the loving hands of toddler class.  But I was still crying because I was missing home.  But very soon I started loving my teachers and school.  My eyes said goodbye to tears and started shining.  Gradually small smiles started appearing on my face that eventually changed into cheerful smiles & laughter.  I started loving my teachers and school more than anything.  I ran around in my class happily & took good interest in my studies.  I used to wait for weekends during my first days of school…. but soon I started feeling that weekends are boring since there is no school.  Dear teachers, Thank you for this gift. me and my parents appreciate every effort you took to change me into a bright, cheerful child.  You provide me love, support, and strength and provided a valuable contribution to my personality.  My special thanks to Miss Siddiqua, Miss Shazia, Miss Madhu and all my previous class teachers who encouraged me with studies and activities.  Parkpoint my FIRST school will always be remembered first for my academics and achievements however far I fly.  THANKS A BUNCH for all you have done for me.

With love,


This is a recommendation that was taken from a popular search engine

I seaarched for over a month to find a place for all three of my kids, ages 9, 3, and 1. Park Point is great!! It is new, clean, spacious and organized. The staff are so friendly and my son (3) is very proud of his new school. He loves to greet the class bird each morning. My daughter (9) will be an after-schooler there and I am very reassured to know she will be in a learning environment after school hours. I also love the infants' room, they follow all procedures and it's very personalized. They totally dote on my daughter (1) and I get a daily report on her meals/naps/diapers so I know exactly what's going on with her always! They are very sweet and accommodating when I call to check on my babies. Even as a nervous nelly, I am 100% at ease bringing the kids there every day. I would recommend this place a hundred times over.

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