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School Program

At Park Point Montessori Academy, we offer the following age appropriate Montessori based programs for children between the ages of three months and eight years. You may click on each program for more information.

Focuses on children's activities, which improve motor skills and provide intellectual stimulation, social development and self-awareness.
Emphasizes fine motor and self help skills, language development and personal expression through art, music and story telling.
Continues to develop and builds upon skills acquired previously.  The varieties of materials provide the children opportunities to refine their senses and learn different concepts about practical life, math, sensorial, language, social science and geography.
Allows the children to master the above skills in a non-competitive environment.  The children develop self-confidence in using Montessori material until they master a particular concept.  Here they begin their journey of translating concrete to abstract through manipulation, experimentation and invention.
Consists of the children focusing on mastering their language, mathematics, fine arts, and science and social studies skills, along with mastering their knowledge of the world around them.
Misc. Information
  • We also provide transportation to and from area schools and offer before & after school programs.

  • To best accomodate the needs of our children and parents, we offer half day, extended day, and full day programs. Additionally, we offer three and five day programs.
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