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School Program

Consists of the children focusing on mastering their language, mathematics, fine arts, and science and social studies skills, along with mastering their knowledge of the world around them.


  • 5+ Years


  • Extended Day - 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM
  • All Day - 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM

In mathematics, the children learn about base systems, the operations, the laws of arithmetic, measurement with time, weight, money and space, problem solving, percentages, data collection and display, decimals, and fractions through the use of concrete materials.  Additionally, they focus on the math of geometry by studying shapes and their construction, equivalence, area and volume, congruence and similarity, graphing, and geometry nomenclature.

In Language, such skills as grammar, spelling, handwriting, vocabulary, composition and creative writing, and reading comprehension are emphasized.  Along with these skills, focus is put on development of a child's listening skills and oral expression.

Fine arts consists self expression through music and art.  In music, children develop skills and an understanding for such areas as harmony, melody, rhythm, and signing.  In art, the children creatively express themselves through drawing, painting, sculpting, and coloring with various medias of art.

In social studies and science, the children study such aspects as geography, mapping, ecology, environment relating to the earth and weather, history of different cultures, geology, zoology, botany, astronomy, and basic chemistry and physics.  Through the use of concrete materials and experimentation, the children get a vast understanding of their direct environment and culture as well as the environment and culture of others.

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