Charday L

Park Point has done a tremendous job in teaching my son Daylon. The teachers are very patient and have an open forum to parents when the parents have questions. I feel my child is in a safe environment as well. If you want your child to be advanced at an early age and in a family oriented environment please outreach to Park Point and join the family. I recommend this school to everyone!

Nausheen H

I cant be more satisfied with this school, my son is quite sensitive, he takes time to adjust to new faces and environment. I was very nervous and reluctant of even sending him to school as a new parent, but this school has helped both me and my son beyond words can express. I want to express special thanks and appreciation to Ms Ishrat and Ms Sathya who work very well together to give our children the best care, affection and discipline possible. With children at this young age, it is not unusual to have bad days at school, but in my opinion a good school is marked by a management and teachers who are willing to work with parents and children to change those bad days into fun days. That is what Park Point does for me and my son. Could not be more grateful to them. Thank you Ms Madhu and Ms Renuka.

Niyati S

Park Point Montessori is a wonderful school. My daughter has learned so much. All the teachers there are wonderful and caring. They take great pride in getting to know the kids and parents on a personal level. They provide constant support and encouragement to kids. Their student-teacher ratio is also fair. Our daughter loves the food they offer and it is substantially cheaper compared to other Montessori school.

We love the fact that they are more involved in the organic learning for the child where they go back to basics without the technology.

Lindsey B

This is an excellent school. My son has been going here for a couple years and I cannot begin to tell you how caring the staff is. His teachers are very attentive and I love all the projects he brings home. The staff is also very accommodating to my son’s food intolerance and is always ready to address any concerns I may have. The facility is always clean and in great condition. The outdoor play area in the back is a huge bonus. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.


Dear Parkpoint teachers & friends,

I don’t quite remember the first time I walked into parkpoint. My mom told that I was very small (16 months) and she carried me to the class with tears in my eyes. She gave me to the loving hands of toddler class. But I was still crying because I was missing home. But very soon I started loving my teachers and school. My eyes said goodbye to tears and started shining. Gradually small smiles started appearing on my face that eventually changed into cheerful smiles & laughter. I started loving my teachers and school more than anything. I ran around in my class happily & took good interest in my studies. I used to wait for weekends during my first days of school…. but soon I started feeling that weekends are boring since there is no school. Dear teachers, Thank you for this gift. me and my parents appreciate every effort you took to change me into a bright, cheerful child. You provide me love, support, and strength and provided a valuable contribution to my personality. My special thanks to Miss Siddiqua, Miss Shazia, Miss Madhu and all my previous class teachers who encouraged me with studies and activities. Parkpoint my FIRST school will always be remembered first for my academics and achievements however far I fly. THANKS A BUNCH for all you have done for me.

With love,