Montessori Approach

As a parent you may be wondering if Montessori environment is right for you child to learn and grow. What is so special about Montessori way of learning? What difference does it make if my child goes to a regular day care?

So to answer these questions we need to understand how Montessori approach evolved. The Montessori approach is based upon the research and studies of Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman physician in Italy, in the early 20th century. Dr. Montessori was fascinated by the natural ways that children develop during the earliest stages of their lives. She realized and recent researches confirm that the age from birth to 6 years is the most critical time in children’s learning and development as they are the most receptive, curious and excited about exploring the world around them. They are capable of learning multiple languages and, in fact, develop 50% of their mature intelligence during these years of growing.

She also observed that the natural aptitude of children and their potential for development, were being overlooked by the traditional education system. Thus, she devised the Montessori methods of education, which took into account a child's inherent desire to explore and learn from the environment in which he or she is in.

Montessori approach focuses on cognitive learning by touching and feeling objects. Montessori materials allow children to learn hands-on the basic concepts of math, science, English, reading, music, art, etc.

Montessori class rooms are set up by subject areas to stimulate children’s multi-sensory skills and sequential learning. Children move freely while interacting socially and learning independently and/or from each other. Mixed age grouping teaches children to work with people of all ages. As Montessori-taught children become older students, they take on leadership roles in the classroom.

Teachers serve as observers of the child's progress, and act as facilitators in the learning process. Instead of setting strict guidelines for your child to work within, they give the child enough space to develop a learning style that works best for him/her.

We at Park Point Montessori recognize that little children have great capacity to absorb and learn. These precious years should be utilized and not just wasted. Thus we use Montessori approach for children to grow and learn in a free and non-compulsive environment.

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