Below are some Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Why should I enroll my child at Park Point Montessori?
Answer:  We are family owned and operated. Our Director/owner has over 25 years of experience in the childcare field, both as a Montessori teacher and administrator. We meet and exceed the highest early childhood programs’ standards. Many of our children are enrolled in gift and talented programs. In standard testing most of our children scores 2-4 grades higher. Our children excel not only in studies but exhibit great self-confidence and independence.

Park Point Montessori was the Winner of Best Private School and Nursery/Daycare AND Finalist of Best Learning Center by the Fort Bend Star Readers’ Choice Award 2017 and 2018. 

Question: How long has the school been around?
Answer: Park Point Montessori has been serving the community since the year 2000. 

Question:  Why should I choose Montessori education for my child?
Answer: Montessori education is based on the fact that every child is unique and has an inherent love to explore, discover and learn.  Montessori class rooms are set up by subject areas to stimulate children’s multi-sensory skills and sequential learning. Children self-direct to explore, pick and choose what to learn. Most of the learning is cognitive by touching and feeling objects rather than memorizing. Each child sets his own learning pace and works as long as he desires.

Question: How is discipline maintained in Montessori schools?
Answer: We at Park Point Montessori don’t believe in instilling fear and/or punishment to maintain class room discipline. Instead our teachers build a calm and loving atmosphere for your child to work and play in. In such environment your child will develop the qualities of concentration and an overall respect for themselves and others. However, if a child becomes unusually disrespectful and disruptive, the student is redirected. If redirection does not help, the student is asked to sit and think about his/her actions. As a last resort, the student’s parents are notified and the school and the parents work together for the benefit of the child.

Question: Can I meet the teachers before enrolling?
Answer: Definitely! We want parents to feel comfortable leaving their most precious cargo with us, so we welcome parents to discuss all questions and concerns before enrolling at Park Point Montessori. Parents are also welcome to observe their child's potential class before enrolling.

Question: What is your student to teacher ratio?
Answer: In order to give students the attention they deserve, we keep our ratios lower than what the state requires. Please inquire for more details.

Question: Can I visit my child at school?
Answer: Absolutely! We have an open door policy and welcome parents to visit the school as they wish. We also allow parents to eat lunch with their children at school and participate in class activities.

Question: Are there any extra-curricular classes included in the tuition?
Answer: Yes! Included in tuition are Yoga, Spanish, Art, Music and PE classes. Soccer and Basketball are offered at an additional fee.