For over 17 years, we have been providing a challenging, stimulating and safe environment for our children to explore, touch, and learn while having fun.

Our motoWhere Mind Matters” is not just a catchy slogan but our deeply rooted philosophy. Many research studies have confirmed that the ages from birth to 6 years is the most critical time in children’s learning and development. They are capable of learning multiple languages and, in fact, develop 50% of their mature intelligence during these years of growing.

We at Park Point Montessori recognize these facts and engage our children in the learning process from the very first day. We strongly believe that every child has natural born desire to explore and great capacity to learn. However, all children don’t grasp and learn the same way. We recognize and identify the differing learning interests, aptitudes and capabilities of our children. And thus provide individualized instruction and care to match the interests and needs of each student. We provide a learning environment that is safe, conducive and challenging for every child.

At Park Point Montessori, classroom materials are organized sequentially to encourage each child to touch, feel and explore their world. They learn happily at their own pace and master various skills.

Montessori philosophy alone will not make a successful learning place. Equally important is the careful selection of Montessori trained excellent teachers. Teachers who love, care, acknowledge and cultivate learning interest among children. At Park Point Montessori all teachers are carefully selected and encouraged to utilize creative ways to keep children motivated to learn and grow. Imaginative teaching techniques and materials are the main tools of our Montessori approach.

Our teachers serve as guardians and observers of your child's progress. They act as facilitators in your child's learning process, without intervening in his or her independent journeys of exploration. Our teachers also build a calm and loving atmosphere for your child to work and play in, while maintaining the order and discipline necessary to keep the environment safe and productive. In this environment your child will develop the qualities of concentration, persistence, discipline, motivation, and an overall respect for themselves and others. To further enhance their school experience, we include Yoga, Spanish, Art, Music and Physical Education as part of their regular curriculum. We also offer classes such as Soccer, Basketball and Dance for a nominal fee.

We understand the great trust and responsibility you place in us to provide the best caring, learning and developing environment for your child. We make sure that we exceed your expectations in providing a strong physical, emotional and mental foundation for lifelong success, academic achievements and happiness to your child.

Below we have provided important links relating to the school and your child's development.

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