At Park Point Montessori Academy, we offer the age appropriate Montessori based programs for children between the ages of three months and eight years. These programs are designed to develop your child’s social, emotional and intellectual skills. Varying age children are grouped to meet the developmental needs of children in broad age categories and allowing ample room for children of varying ages and levels to socialize and learn from each other. Such a mixed age grouping encourages older children to become leaders and mentor younger members. They learn to share, care and respect while cultivating moral and social skills with a sense of community.


Infant Program- 0 to 18 Months Old

This group is referred to as The Nest and focuses on providing the sense of greatest security. Infant's listen to songs and stories along with other activities that improve motor skills and provide intellectual stimulation, social development and self-awareness. Read More

Toddler Program- 18 Months Old to 2 1/2 Years Old

Emphasizes fine motor and self-help skills, language development and personal expression through art, music and storytelling. Read More

Transitions Program- 2 1/2 Years Old to 4 Years Old

This group continues to expand and builds upon skills acquired previously. The varieties of materials provide the children opportunities to refine their senses and learn different concepts about practical life, math, sensorial, language, social science and geography. Read More

Pre-Primary Program- 4 Years Old to 5 Years Old

This program allows children to master all the above skills in a non-competitive environment. Here they begin their journey of translating concrete to abstract through manipulation, experimentation and invention. When they master a particular concept or new skill, they move forward to a more challenging activity of their interest and choosing. Read More

Elementary Program - Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

In this program we utilize a hybrid learning system that utilizes the best of standard and Montessori learning tools and techniques. Program consists of children focusing on mastering their languages, math, fine arts, science and social studies skills, along with mastering their knowledge of the world around them. Children become more self-confident while developing leadership and oratory skills. Read More

Extra Curricular Program

In addition to our well-rounded Montessori program, we also offer a variety of extracurricular activities for further enrichment

  • Spanish       Yoga      Music      PE Class      Art      Soccer      Basketball      Dance